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Feb. 9th, 2012 09:46 am
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In about 30 minutes, I head out for Chicago and Capricon. We've got a ton of great music planned... I hope I see some of y'all there! :-)
Whee! At this time two nights from now, I should be in open filk at Capricon, or possibly having a fast concert set run-thru with [ profile] harperjen and [ profile] sweetmusic_27 before decamping to open filk for the rest of the evening.

For most of the weekend, you'll be able to find me in the Capricon Cafe, where I have a set on Friday afternoon and where I'll be running sound for most of the other sets on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday night, we have Semi-Feral Mercy: Trouble Comes in Threes! (We decided that if Jen and I are "Half-Wild", then Jen, Amy and I are just Trouble. :-)) There will be harp! There will be fiddle! There will be guitar and percussiony bits.

We'll be doing songs you've never heard Wild Mercy perform! We may even be doing songs that we've never heard Wild Mercy perform (see earlier comment about a concert run-thru on Friday night... this would be why :-)). After all, we have to take advantage of having our very own fiddler, which doesn't happen nearly often enough, so we may go back to our roots and do actual traditional Celtic tunes. (Ooooh... aaaaah...)

Whatever happens, it will be fun, and you should totally be there!

(Oh, yeah... bring your voice, 'cause there will be singalongs.)
Home from Wild Mercy rehearsal, where we were picking our set list for Capricon. Taking advantage of having [ profile] sweetmusic_27 there, it's a very fiddle-heavy set. :-)
Wow... I've been bad about not posting here on any remotely regular basis, haven't I?

Sorry about that... I'll try to do better! :-)

Now that we've all survived the holidays, Wild Mercy is focusing on our next couple of conventions. First up, we'll be at Capricon next month, where we'll be joined by [ profile] sweetmusic_27! I think all of us have Capricon Cafe sets, and I'll be working the Cafe all weekend running sound, so I should be easy to find. Wild Mercy has a concert on Saturday night before open filk, and we'll do some new stuff, and some old stuff, and some Far Light stuff. (If you have favorites you want to suggest, now would be the time!)

So who all's gonna be at Cap? I know Xap, Gundo and Roper will be, 'cause they're all working. :-) What about the rest of you? Chime in!

Next up after Capricon is FKO!!! We're wildly excited to be the GOHs at FKO this year and it's hard to believe that it's only a few months away now. There will be music, and workshops, and more music, and I fully expect that hilarity will ensue. I'm extra excited because not only is it my first-ever FKO, it's my first trip to Canada! (I know... I know... I've lived w/in driving distance of the border for almost 15 years and never actually made the trip... and I even have Canadian dogs!!) I hope we're going to see lots of you there in April!
I think I've finalized my set list for Capricon, and it reads like a Who's Who of female filkers... plus one Leonard Cohen just for variety (and for [ profile] janmagic 'cause she always requests it and I don't usually have a keyboard with me).

Build a Chain by [ profile] cadhla
Archetype Cafe by [ profile] talis_kimberley
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
Dumb Dumb Dorothy by [ profile] ladyat
Their Music by [ profile] singlemaltsilk
Deadly Dance by [ profile] catalana
Medusa's By The Bay (spoken, hopefully accompanied by [ profile] sweetmusic_27) by [ profile] cadhla
They Say on the Midway by [ profile] cadhla
Thirteen by [ profile] vixyish and [ profile] tfabris

Hmmm... and I'm realizing that I managed to leave Gentle Arms of Edenout of the set. How did that happen? Ermmm... we'll see what the time looks like and put it in at the end if there's time!
So... at some point during Capricon weekend, I have a set in the Capricon Cafe. (I'll probably be in the Cafe all weekend, doing my usually run-sound-and-record gig, so come hang out and hear some great music!)

My dilemma is what to put in my set. Right now, I have four songs planned... if you're planning to be there, feel free to suggest additions!

At the moment, I'm planning Archetype Cafe, two new songs of [ profile] cadhla's, and Hallelujah. If [ profile] sweetmusic_27 will join me, I'll probably add Deadly Dance and maybe Gentle Arms of Eden.

Any suggestions?
I keep contemplating my checking account and contemplating Windycon and I've been forced to the realization that it's just not gonna happen this year. *sigh*

I am currently planning to make all three Chicago cons in 2010, starting w/ Capricon in February, so I'll see a bunch of y'all there!
Last night, I ran the songs for my internet cafe set, packed everything (I hope!) and hauled it upstairs, and finally fell into bed at about 2 a.m.

This morning, I hauled everything from kitchen to truck and now I'm at the office. I work 'til 2, then I'm hitting the road, which should put me in Chicago squarely in the middle of rush hour. Yay for good planning!! *rolls eyes at self*

For the rest of the weekend, you can probably find me in the Capricon internet cafe, the filk room, or the pool (which will likely substitute for sleep at some point, water baby that I am). Or possibly holed up in my room practicing. I tried to add way too many new songs to my solo set, so I have to solidify the ones that I'm keeping, cull the ones that won't quite be ready, and figure out timing and order. Nothing like leaving that 'til the last minute, eh?

I hope to see a bunch of you there! :-)
We're fast coming up on time for Cap, which is one of my favorite cons for a whole lot of reasons.

I get to see lots of people who I know and like and don't see often enough.

[ profile] billroper puts me to "work" in the Internet Cafe, where I get to feel useful and have fun all at the same time (running sound and recording).

I get to room with [ profile] sweetmusic_27, who's one of the bestest roomies evar.

Wild Mercy gets to do the whooooooole Dream of a Far Light concert again. Only the second time we've ever performed the whole darn thing in one place (well, other than Barry and Sally's basement, but that hardly counts!).

I get an Internet Cafe set all of my very own (though I may draft afore-mentioned roomie, 'cause everything's better w/ fiddle!), which will force me to actually, oh, practice between now and the con.

I can take a dog if I want, 'cause all Starwood properties are dog-friendly. This year it might be Mr. Spotty Dog, since it's his birthday that weekend. (Hmmm... I need a Thunder icon, don't I?)

It's not only at a Starwood hotel (I collect Starwood points... it's the only hotel reward program in which I ever acquire useful quantities of points)... but this year it's moving from the Sheraton to the Westin. I'm a hotel snob... I admit it... and I loves me some Westin. (I may even get upgraded to a Junior Suite... still waiting to hear back from the reservations dude on whether they managed to swing that or if I waited too late to ask for the upgrade.)

Capricon feels like home to me... or like a good family reunion. And after a long winter of lack-of-cons (nothing since OVFF? That doesn't seem right, but I missed Windy, so I think it is...), it'll be really really nice to go hang w/ my musical family for a few days.

Who's gonna be there? Chime in!
I got to open the Internet Cafe concert lineup at Cap this year, with a one-hour set on Friday afternoon. In prepping, I realized that while I've got plenty of stuff to fill an hour, there's no way my fingers can stand up to an hour of guitar. Hmmm...

Since the keyboard had to be at Cap for the Wild Mercy concert, and since [ profile] janmagic always asks for Hallelujah and I always turn her down 'cause I can't do it without the keyboard, I decided to do a mix of guitar, keyboard, a cappella and even spoken word pieces. Yay for diversity! Speaking of diversity... [ profile] sweetmusic_27 joined in on fiddle on several songs... I'm so glad that she's within reasonable commuting range of the Chicago cons now, 'cause I love making music with her!

The set seemed well-received, and I was pretty happy with the order and general flow of things, but I need to get better at between-song patter, especially when I have to move from guitar to keyboard (with the attendant moving of music stand, etc.).

Here's the set list in its final incarnation, with authors and accompaniment notes. I had a few other things prepared and actually ran out of time. This made me happy, because I'd much rather have too much material than too little!

Since I was in the internet cafe, it seemed appropriate to open with a song about another cafe...

Archetype Cafe -- Talis Kimberley -- guitar
Modern Mystic -- Seanan McGuire -- guitar
Hey Ho -- Dave Carter -- guitar
Mal's Song -- Michelle Dockery -- guitar
Their Music -- Martha Coady-Fabish -- a cappella
Queen of All Argyll -- Andy Stewart -- keyboard, plus Amy on fiddle
Sea Foam -- Seanan McGuire -- spoken, plus Amy on plaintive fiddle
Gentle Arms of Eden -- Dave Carter -- guitar
Hallelujah -- Leonard Cohen -- keyboard
The Gates -- DaVinci's Notebook -- a cappella
Kingdom of the Mice -- SJ Tucker -- spoken
Holy Now -- Peter Mayer -- guitar

I'm pretty sure Amy played on more than just those two, but I'm not positive... "Gentle Arms of Eden" and/or "Hallelujah," maybe?

This left me with [ profile] cadhla's "I Am" and Dave Carter's "Phantom Doll" that got cut from the set. I did "I Am" during open filk and never did get a good opening to do "Phantom Doll." Oh well... I sang plenty of other things, and "Phantom Doll" will come out again. :-)
So... I came off to Capricon in Chicago, with the youngsters in boarding and Chase (who loves to travel) with me.

Thursday afternoon, things were fine, but by late Thursday night it was obvious that Chase was distressed about something, but I couldn't figure out what. He kept [ profile] sweetmusic_27 and I awake most of the night, pacing and fussing and pacing and fussing. I'd take him outside, and we'd come back up and he'd drink more water and in awhile we'd go outside again. He finally let me get a little sleep about 5:30 a.m., but I never got more than about an hour at a stretch without him waking me up again.

During the day on Friday, he seemed to be doing okay, 'til afternoon when he started having trouble standing up (he'd been having trouble on the slippery tile in the bathroom all weekend, but that wasn't terribly surprising). I called my vet and they had me go get a thermometer since I'd forgotten to pack one. He didn't have a fever, which was actually scarier than if he did, since he has a history of not wanting to walk if he's feverish. Called the vet back and got the prompt response of "get him to a vet".

The first trip to the vet, and a concert... )

So now it's the end of the concert, I'm in brown pseudo-leather bodice, black harem pants with a black handkerchief skirt over them, and black cavalier hat with requisite jaunty black feather. And we need to go pick up meds and take them to the clinic... where they'd jokingly said I should come back in garb. You saw this one coming, right?

To the drugstore and clinic... avast, ye mateys! )

Word today is that he's feeling better... when I called this morning he was standing up and barking at them. This is a good sign. This afternoon, they said he's eaten and been outside and he's seeming pretty recovered from yesterday's muscle weakness. I'm hoping this means he's going to be responsive to the meds and this thing will be manageable. We shall see. In the meantime, he's spending another night at the vet, and I'm back to running sound in the Internet Cafe.


Feb. 15th, 2008 04:39 pm
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I actually went into my hour Internet Cafe set with too much music. Whee! I didn't know I had more than an hour's worth of stuff that I could do w/out the rest of the band.

I finished my time with three songs to spare, so I actually have things I can do in open filk w/out repeating. Life is good.

More later... running sound for Roper's set now and can't get to my set list.
Capricon is coming up really fast now... like "oncoming train" kinda fast. Yowza!!

I have a one-hour set in the Internet Cafe on Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. [ profile] janmagic, I'm bringing a keyboard so I can do "Hallelujah" for you, since it will not be in the Wild Mercy concert. I'll also be doing some new stuff that y'all haven't heard me do in the filk room. [ profile] harperjen has a set too... I think she said hers is on Saturday. I'll also be adding some percussion and possibly some backing vocals to the Howling Beagles' set on Thursday night during the banquet.

Wild Mercy has our concert Friday night at 9 p.m., right after [ profile] filkertom, so come for Tom's concert and stay for ours (and then for open filk). We'll be doing a chunk of the "Dream of a Far Light" project (including "Lightsailor"), and this will be the first time some of these songs have been performed live. As a bonus, we'll have [ profile] sweetmusic_27 on fiddle!

Eek! It's less than two weeks from now! I'm sooooo not ready for my internet cafe set... I don't want to think about how long it's been since I did concentrated stretches of guitar playing. Callouses? Who needs 'em?? (Oh, yeah... _I_ kinda need 'em...)
I just booked Wild Mercy's rooms for Capricon, and after I booked my room ([ profile] sweetmusic_27 and I are arriving Thursday... the rest of the crew is arriving Friday), I went to book the additional two rooms and the web site told me the room block was full.

I called the hotel directly and was able to get two more rooms reserved at the con rate, but all they had left were smoking kings... no doubles and no non-smoking rooms.

So call fast if you need a room for Cap and haven't booked... sounds like they're going fast!

Oh... now that I have the time from [ profile] billroper, I can add this extra bit of information... the Wild Mercy concert will be Friday evening at 9 p.m., just after [ profile] filkertom's concert and before open filk. So come for Tom's concert, stay for ours, and then hang out with all of us in open filk. This will be our debut concert for some of the "Dream of a Far Light" material, so it'll be fun!