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Feb. 9th, 2012 09:46 am
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In about 30 minutes, I head out for Chicago and Capricon. We've got a ton of great music planned... I hope I see some of y'all there! :-)
Wild Mercy has been nominated for a Pegasus award (for the non-filkers on my f-list, information can be found at OVFF's site about the Pegasus awards and at Debbie Ohi's Filk FAQ if you need the basics on "What's this filk thing anyway??") in the Best Performer category!

Looking at the list, I'm both thrilled to be included *bounce bounce bounce* and sad that we can't all win... *whimper*... and being on the same ballot with [ profile] sweetmusic_27 is especially bittersweet since she became such an integral part of the Dream of a Far Light project.

I do love the timing, though... this nomination, along with [ profile] min0taur's nomination in the Best Songwriter category, coming on the heels of our releasing "Dream of a Far Light" and performing the whoooooole thing at Marcon... it just caps what has been an incredible year for us, as we took Barry's baby, added a Wild Mercy spin to it, and sent it out into the world. I remember when we set out to be a Celtic band... if Barry and Sally hadn't introduced Jen and I to filk, we'd probably still be griping about playing pub gigs and the hassles of being "live background music" for the dinner crowd, and loading out at 2 a.m. to go home from smoky bars. I look at my f-list and think about the fact that I wouldn't have met three-quarters of you if I hadn't fallen into filking. I wouldn't have been to cons on both coasts and all over the midwest... life would just be so much less rich without all of you.

So thank you. Thank you for nominating us. But most of all, thank you for listening... to me the coolest thing about playing for filk crowds, whether in concert or in the filk room or in a random corner or hallway, is the intelligent listening that comes along. I love story songs, but story songs require an audience that "gets it" or they're no fun. You guys make it fun, 'cause you listen to the stories... you laugh with us, and sometimes you cry with us, and that's what it's all about.

Now go vote ... there are a ton of great nominees out there and lots of music clips to listen too!
Oof... I'm tired.

Thing was a blast, but the hotel being w/out air-conditioning (one of those old "either the boiler or the chiller" systems and it hadn't been switched to chill yet) meant I didn't sleep as well as could have been desired.

So I'm gonna nap a bit, and will post Thing things later...
It occurs to me that I never posted about this here...

I've decided to forego GaFilk this year. I really wanted to go, but I would be leaving directly from Atlanta to go spend a week in San Francisco at MacWorld, so the dogs would be with a sitter for 10 days, which is expensive, stressful for the dogs (especially my old guy, Chase) and stressful for me. Plus, I'd either end up hauling a heck of a lot of luggage, or having to do laundry somewhere along the way, and I don't relish the logistics of either thing. All of that combined with either going instrumentless to GaFilk or having to entrust instruments to the airlines for way too much time (Indy to Atlanta, Atlanta to San Francisco, San Francisco to Indy by way of either Denver or Chicago) just adds up to my deciding that it would wind up being more stress and less fun than it should be.

So... no GaFilk for me this year.
I need to make flight arrangements fairly soon if I'm going to try to do the Indy to Atlanta to San Francisco to Indy thing (GAFilk and MacWorld) in January.

So... one more try... is anybody looking for a roomshare for GAFilk?
A brief con report, before the weekend completely disappears into the blur of The Dreaded Work Week...

Friday: Or, how to lose an interstate )

Saturday: Music, music and more music )

Sunday: A day of much driving and little sleep )

Monday was a day off. Yay for days off. I should have done laundry and vacuumed. I didn't. Mostly I slept. And caught up on LJ and email reading.

My general feeling about WindyCon is that the hotel is pretty marginal and it's right in the middle of my personal busiest month of the year (budget season at work). It was a good con, and I knew enough people that it was fun to visit and hang out, but there's nothing really compelling to make it go on my "Must Go" list for next year. If it happens to be a weekend that I'm not swamped (and I have money), I might go back. If it happens to be a weekend that I am swamped, I won't feel too bad about missing it. Given a finite puddle of money to spend on cons, I'd rather put my Chicago con-going money into Capricon and Duckon, I think (though it's entirely possible I'll change my mind by next November).

And now I go sleep again...
So... who all's gonna be at Windy this weekend?

I've been buried in budgets for the last couple of weeks so I'm so looking forward to getting out of town for a couple of days!

I'm heading out Friday morning and will pick [ profile] catalana up on the way. Company for the drive through Chicago... that'll be a nice change! :-) (I also have an iPass transponder for the first time, so I can go through the high-speed toll lanes instead of having to stop in the manual lanes all the time. Sweet!) Traffic gods willing, we should be there by 3 or 4ish.

I guess I should pack at some point, eh?
So... does anybody need a roommate for GAFilk?

I'm in the end stage of deciding whether to go, and I'll probably decide something for sure in the next couple of days, because I need to book my flight to MacWorld, which starts Jan. 8, so I need to know if I'm going to San Francisco from Indy or from Atlanta. :-)

[ profile] chirosinger, I know you and [ profile] musicmutt were considering it... wanna room together again or have y'all already found roommates?
I thought I'd jot some thoughts down before OVFF finishes running together in a blur (I'm already losing track of what happened which day...).

This way to random OVFF ramblings... )

There are a million more, but those are the ones currently coming to mind. I'm not even going to try to list all the people who I heard or spent time with, 'cause I'd miss somebody and then I'd feel bad. Suffice it to say that it was a great weekend full of good music and good conversations and I just wish it could have been longer!

I can't finish this without thanking [ profile] min0taur and Sally for introducing me to this whole "filk thing"... who knew, when we started our little Celtic band, that Jen and I would end up getting introduced to a whole new world! I love that we're all friends first and bandmates second, and I'm amazed (and a little awed) at the number of truly wonderful friends I've made in the last two years that I'd've never met if it hadn't been for Barry and Sally.
Yay! The truck survived to get me from Indy to Columbus, OH. Hopefully it will continue to behave on the way home on Monday but for now I'm here... I'm unpacked... I've seen a whole bunch of LJ folks already... and I have three whole days in front of me in which I don't have to leave the hotel.


I'm going find more people to hug...


Oct. 19th, 2006 09:31 pm
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Loose ends are hopefully tied up at work, at least so they'll hold 'til Tuesday before falling apart again. Whee... paperwork...

[ profile] min0taur's truck, which had been on loan to me while the Trooper was in the shop, has been returned home so it doesn't have to spend the weekend languishing at my mechanic's place.

I've acquired laundry detergent and cat litter. Tomorrow morning, I'll run across the street to the friendly pet supply place and pick up dog food and cat food so the critter sitter won't run out of food.

One load of laundry is done and the other is heading into final rinse. I still don't exactly know what I'm packing, but at least I have clean things to choose from now.

The Trooper ran fine last night and today, although the oil pressure gauge still sometimes drops to 0 at a slow idle. The mechanics swear they can't find anything wrong, so I'm hoping the problem is the gauge and not the engine. I'm driving to Columbus in trail with [ profile] min0taur and Sally, so that should ensure that the truck will behave for that portion of the trip, at least.

I feel like I'm making progress, even though I don't seem to have actually done much. I have mostly clean clothes and there is a small pile of instruments and notebooks (and a bottle of Scotch) by the front door. Sometime in the next 12 hours, I'm hoping that will magically turn into everything I need for the weekend!

OVFF starts tomorrow.

I should be excited... OVFF last year was overwhelming 'cause I hardly knew anybody and I was so very new to filk. Now I know people, which should automatically make it all much more fun.

But I'm drowning in paperwork at the office, where the world is conspiring to make this the Worst Possible Time for me to be off work for two days.

On top of that, I'm in my third (fourth?) week of bronchitis, and that and all the other stresses combined to cause a lovely outbreak of fever blisters, and when I ran by the MedCheck last night, my blood pressure was through the roof. (Oh, goody... more stress!!) Thankfully, the doctor wasn't too worried about the blood pressure... he felt it was probably transient due to stress and sickness, and we'll take another look at it in a few weeks.

I have no idea what to pack (and no clean clothes, no laundry detergent and, most frustratingly, no water pressure to the cold water side of the washing machine, so it takes forever to fill for each cycle), and only partial confidence that my Trooper, which has been behaving oddly since its recent (and expensive) Open Engine Surgery, will actually get me there and back.

I didn't go to the banquet last year... what do people wear? I own dressy clothes... somewhere... I think. Heck, they might even be clean, unlike my jeans and other comfy things. Gaah! I'll never be ready in time to leave home in the morning!

Somebody remind me that this is supposed to be fun?


(Oh yeah... adding to list... must pick up dog food, cat food and cat litter so that the sitter has all she needs to take care of the critters this weekend...)
I've slept... I've caught up on LJ and email... so finally, here's my Capricon report! Yay me...

I think that the only thing "wrong" with my Capricon experience this weekend was the fact that I couldn't start it on Thursday so I missed a whole extra day of goodness! There was just no way, though... my truck was in dodgy shape, at best, so I was trip-sharing with Jen, and we couldn't afford Yet Another Vacation Day plus the extra hotel day. Other than that, though, it was a most excellent adventure.

Long (and glowing, but not radioactive) report under here )

The concom put on a great event. [ profile] singlemaltsilk deserves special thanks for a great music weekend and also for really humane scheduling... it was nice to have time for setup, and to have helpers for setup and teardown, and the extra extended checkout time on Sunday was the icing on a wonderful cake (not to mention not having any "have to be there" programming first thing in the morning... it's much easier to stay in the filk room all night if I know the only thing really time-sensitive first thing in the morning is breakfast. :-) ).

If I had to sum up what I learned this weekend in one sentence, it would be that Chicago-area cons rock. Three of my six cons in the last two years have been in the Chicago area, and they were all good events with a great bunch of people. I hope to see y'all more often in the future!