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Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that my latest venture into KeepingDebbieBusy has been to join the local volunteer fire department as their resident web & photography geek. This afternoon, after a month of pulling info together (and some browbeating of people who still haven't sent me their bios...), I took the new site live!

Then, after a couple of weeks with no pager action, we had two back-to-back runs this evening and I actually got to put shiny new content on our baby website. :-) First a vehicle fire (where I felt really bad for the owner, who was just starting the process of rebuilding it when it caught fire... Thankfully, it's an old, solid, mostly metal car and the fire was pretty much contained to the engine compartment where he was going to be replacing everything anyway) and then an "unknown fire" which turned out to just be a really big (and quite pretty) bonfire called in by a worried passerby.

So that's what up in my world. What's up with you?

life is...

May. 26th, 2011 11:05 am
tollermom: (beetle)
... crazy-but-good in my world.

If I've been quiet here lately it's mostly because life is so nuts right now that short posts to Facebook are about the best I can manage.

This past weekend was the 8th annual WomenDrum Spring Fling and we had an absolutely crazy group of women for the event. Lots of fun, and lots of pictures that will make no sense to anyone who wasn't there, mostly involving the spontaneous ritual to the sacred avocado. I had a blast, and realized afterwards that part of the reason was that, for a change, I wasn't sick. It seems that my seasonal allergies/bronchitis have hit right at the time of the fall and spring events for the last two years and I've slept through half the weekend. This time, I enjoyed the entire event, took lots of pictures, hung out in the pool enjoying the warm spring evenings, and just generally enjoyed some quality time with good music and good friends.

For the last month, I've been up to my eyeballs in web pages for the local fire department. We're down to the wire, but with luck I'll make my (self-imposed) go-live date of "by the end of the month." That would be less complicated if I wasn't spending the weekend in Columbus at Marcon instead of in the laptop making pages, but oh well... I've got Monday off work, so I'll get my last updates done then, move the mail accounts and flip the DNS. Maybe. If the previous webmaster remembers to send me the login to the registry. This past Sunday was the second monthly meeting since I joined, and I'm officially no longer the new kid... a new probationary firefighter got voted in at the meeting. Also, the Chief ordered me a safety vest that says "Fire Photographer" on the back, which will be nice at incidents 'cause people won't try to ask me questions I can't answer. :-) Tuesday evening, we went out and did a public service gig, directing traffic at the local elementary school, where they had end-of-year musical and baseball sectionals all happening at the same time. I got a radio and everything for that one. Ooooh... ahhhh... (yes, I'm easily amused). I also discovered, since I had worn my FVFD shirt to work (and thus to lunch) that Moe's offers a 50% discount to FD members. Go Moe's!!

Last night, [ profile] harperjen and I played a Semi-Feral Mercy gig at the Claddagh in Plainfield. A friend of ours had earned 50,000 membership points there, so the Claddagh threw him a party. He knew about the party, but he didn't know that we were going to be there to play, so it was highly entertaining. Jen and I went early, pulled together a set list over dinner (Shepherd's Pie... yum!), and then threw in a completely off-the-cuff and unrehearsed rendition of [ profile] s00j's "Alligator in the House" when it was requested by the party boy.

Today, I pack for Marcon, gather the dogs' stuff so they can go to the kennel, and (hopefully) pick up the Beetle from the shop, where it's having a new turbo installed. With luck, I'll be driving it to Marcon, at 45+ mpg, instead of my poor overworked gas-guzzling Trooper. Of course, this makes the whole Getting The Dogs To The Kennel part interesting, since I can't take three unrestrained dogs in the Beetle. I may drive the truck in the morning, drop dogs off, go home after work at lunch (we get a half day off!!) and trade vehicles.

I'll be hanging out in the Art Show for a good chunk of the weekend, if you're looking for me at Marcon. Saturday, we have a Wild Mercy concert at 1 pm in Franklin B/C, followed by Leslie Fish's GOH concert at 2:30, then I go back to the Art Show. Hmmm... we should probably finalize our set list, eh?

After Marcon, the fire department website goes live (which should settle things down a little but I also go back to my normal volunteer schedule at the zoo, after several weeks off. "Spare" time??? Whazzat???

Through all of this, I've had a foster dog who's undergoing heartworm treatment and is on 10 weeks of crate rest. The poor guy is actually feeling quite energetic through all this, so he really doesn't understand why he's constantly being put back in his crate. :-( Of course, this leads to barking and/or howling, which is driving me Out.Of.My.Mind, which is part of the reason I haven't been posting here and also part of the reason that this post is very stream-of-consciousness, as my mind has been reduced to a zombiesque state by lack of sleep. Oh, and it's spring so the dogs are molting. Every minute that isn't packed with other things (see above... band... zoo... fire department) is spent vacuuming... or sneezing.

So... how's life in your world? And who all's coming to Marcon?
Oof... it's Monday morning (barely) already... where did the weekend go??

I remember having "spare" time... I really do. But there certainly was none to spare this weekend!

Friday after work, it wasn't raining and the grass seemed reasonably un-soggy, so I came straight in, changed into yardwork clothes and managed to get the front yard mostly mowed. Also discovered that I have baby robins in the crotch of the apple tree, so I gave it a fairly wide berth after momma bird cussed me out for getting too close to her babies. Walked over and had a lovely chat w/ the elderly couple next-door... they're getting ready to be traveling for awhile, so I'm glad I got to visit with them before they left town.

Saturday was a blur of rotating dogs in and out (I have my two, plus a foster dog who's on crate rest and has to be leash-walked, plus Barry and Sally's girls were visiting for the weekend) while doing laundry and random bits of housework. I did spend some time just hanging out in the yard with the dogs, which was nice. We've had such a wet, chilly spring that the occasional moments of sunshine are worth treasuring. Did some work on the fire department's website, practiced guitar for awhile, and went to bed at a semi-civilized hour so I could get up early on Sunday.

Sunday got busy... children's museum, zoo, and my first run w/ the local fire department... all back here behind the cut! )

So now I'm finally relaxing! Doing some paperwork for work that I would normally do tomorrow, but I have a vacation day tomorrow! Hip Hip Hooray!! If the dogs will let me, I'm going to sleep late, then I'm probably going to work on the fire department's website for a good chunk of the day. I have most of the info I need, and my target go-live date is the end of this month. And now one of the guys wants a website for his business. Eep. I don't need to actually sleep, right? 'Cause that's about all the "spare" time I have left!
So... because I needed another project like I need a hole in my head, I seem to have joined the local volunteer fire department.


Not as a firefighter... I'm so not in shape enough to do that! But as of this afternoon, I'm the photographer/web/PR-person for the Frankton Volunteer Fire Department. Nifty, eh?

All this got started a few weeks back when there was a huge barn fire at a dairy farm a couple of miles from my house (no animals were in the barn at the time, thankfully). In the process of watching all the trucks go by... and by again... and back and forth some more (all the tankers were going back into Frankton to refill)... I went looking for the fire department's website and realized it hadn't been updated since 2007. So I mocked up a site in Wordpress and started talking to the Chief about taking on hosting/updating the website for them. (Yay for small towns... need to get in touch w/ the fire chief? Call the town hall and ask nicely and they'll give you his cell phone number. :-))

This afternoon, they had their first monthly meeting since we started talking, and I went to the meeting to give them a demo of the site and to meet the guys. Apparently they liked the site (and me), because by the end of the meeting they had voted me in (which gets me covered by their insurance at incidents), gave me a pager and a key to the fire station, and they're getting me a reflective vest and an ID. As soon as the latter two get done, I can start responding to incidents and taking pictures and video for the website, so my photography and journalism skills will get dusted off and used for something more than writing updates about the dogs. I'm still a little stunned at how fast the official parts all took place... I really wasn't expecting to walk out of today's meeting w/ a key to the station. Eep!

So now I'm working on pulling together updated info so we can make the site live, and I'm hoping to launch the new site by the end of May!


I remember spare time. I do. It's becoming an increasingly vague memory, but that's okay...


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