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I spent a great portion of 2011 in a state of near-panic about financial issues, which tended to overshadow other things on a day-to-day basis, but when I look back at the year, it was really a pretty good year (especially when compared to 2010, which definitely overstayed its welcome).

So, what did I do with my year?? )

So yeah... eventful year, and one that I could look back on and find a lot of negatives, but instead I look back and realize that I have amazing friends (both new and old), I have challenging volunteer opportunities that I enjoy and which get me out of my house and interacting with people, I've got four healthy dogs (counting the visiting Nick) and four healthy cats, and I got to spend the year making really incredible music with Wild Mercy. So I'll count 2011 as a win for me and challenge 2012 to be even better for all of us!
Saturday was cloudy and about 8 degrees warmer than had been threatened... we started the day at 52 and cloudy and the temps dropped a bit over the course of the morning, but the rain held off other than a bit of really heavy mist about 2/3rds of the way through the course. I met up w/ a couple of work friends at the office and we carpooled downtown, lucking into a parking space that wasn't either too expensive or too far from the festivities.

By "starting time" I think we were still several blocks (and probably 20,000 people) from the actual starting line, but that was okay... we were there to have fun, not to set any speed records. :-) Spent a lot of the race reading the signs on various other participants' backs... especially poignant was the family walking in memory of wife/mom/sister/aunt who had lost her battle during the last year and who couldn't have been more than mid-30s. Seeing all the people wearing "Survivor" shirts really brought home just how many people this awful disease affects.

Lots of folks dress up for the race, so there were men in hot pink mohawks (and at least one guy with a bright fuschia beard), lots of bright pink feather boas and some really entertaining hats (the best were the baseball caps all "decorated" with different fancy bras), plus a lot of themed t-shirts ranging from the humorous to the serious and in-between ("Got Boobs? Get 'em checked!").

Pictures are here 2011 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and that's a public gallery... no Facebook login required.

Thanks again to all my friends who supported my walk this year! I was thrilled to be able to raise $675 for a good cause!

Oh yeah... the shopping... there was a lot of Race for the Cure merch for sale for those who were willing to brave the somewhat claustrophobic conditions in the merch tents, with (according to the tags) "at least 22.5% of the price" being donated to the Komen Foundation. I'm not a big fan of pink (that's an understatement) but they had a nice long-sleeved black t-shirt w/ a flock of gray ribbons running across it, led by just one of the ribbons in signature pink, so I picked up that, a pair of logo sock (which I'll wear for next year's walk) and an "Imagine life without breast cancer" armband.
I'm off to bed, so I can be up bright (cloudy?) and early in the morning for the Race for the Cure.

I'm thrilled (and somewhat astonished) to announce that my donations total is currently at $675. You guys rock!

(And yes, I know I said my earlier post was the last one about this, but I meant the last one where I was actually asking for money. I may keep thanking y'all for awhile!!)

last chance!

Apr. 15th, 2011 10:34 am
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My online friends have really come through for me in this fundraising campaign for my first ever participation in Indy's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Can we get a little farther before morning?

It's gonna be cold and wet in the morning. Thanks to you guys, I'm over the $300 mark for donations, but I'd certainly feel warmer in the morning if we could push that to $500. :-) Donation Page

For those of you who've donated already... thank you so much!! Every time one of those "One of your friends has donated" emails shows up from, I get warm fuzzy feelings.

For those who haven't donated... can a few of you spare a few dollars? I know some of you can't afford to donate. Trust me, I totally understand that mortgages and groceries and car repairs are vital.

I promise this is my last post about this, at least 'til next year. :-)

(Update: While I was writing this, more donations came in and my total is $365 now! Rock on!!!)
As of yesterday, I'm down 30 pounds since I seriously started counting/tracking calories in June.

I'd hoped to be down 50 by Christmas. That's not going to happen, but i'm pretty proud of 30 lbs (and 4.5 BMI points) being gone. I have a bunch of jeans that I can now only wear if I wear a belt, otherwise they won't stay on. And I can run up the stairs to my third-floor office, without feeling like I'm going to spend the next 30 minutes gasping for air (still out of breath, but my recovery time is much faster).


For the curious, I'm strictly doing this with calorie-counting and portion control. I've tried low-carb. I've tried low-fat. I tried Weight Watchers. I tried Nutrisystem. What's working is simply sticking to no more than 1600 calories a day. That means if what I really really really want is ice cream, I can have ice cream, as long as I can juggle the rest of my meals around so that I'm still not over my 1600 calories. If I really really really want to go over 1600 calories for some reason, then I have to make up the difference, that day, in exercise.

So far, it's working!
So... Friday night, I ordered pizza, as a treat for having lost 22 pounds.

Saturday morning, I had a couple of slices of leftover pizza for breakfast.

And things went downhill from there... )So... what's the concensus, LJ-land? Gallbladder surgery = no big deal? Or plan for a week off? Something in between?

a dilemma...

Dec. 7th, 2007 10:56 pm
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I hate going to doctors, and as a result, unless I find a doctor that I _really_ like, I simply won't go.

This has led to me joking with the guys at Ortho Indy that they've been my primary care physicians for the last five years, 'cause I'm injured way more often than I'm actually sick. :-/

So I was all excited when a number of the DI recommended Dr. H. I'd met her... I liked her... and she was way the heck on the other side of town, but still basically within a half-hour drive as long as I didn't schedule appointments at rush hour.

Unfortunately, she's now changing practices and once she's settled in her new practice, she's going to be over an hour away.

So now I'm trying to decide... keep seeing Dr. H (assuming she's in-network for my insurance at the new place) and just accept that it's going to take at least two hours, round-trip, every time I go, or try (again) to find somebody that I like who's closer to me?

There are no osteopaths on my side of town who are in-network, so looking for another osteopath isn't an option. The only MD I've seen recently (when he was filling in at the urgent care clinic) isn't currently taking new patients.

It really comes down to which one will cause the least procrastination on my part. Finding a new doc could easily take me several more years, as much as I hate that task. But will I use the distance to Dr. H's new practice as an excuse to "not have time" to make appointments and go?

It's a puzzlement...
For the last couple of weeks, I've been waking up in the middle of the night w/ my throat so dry that it feels like it's sticking to itself. This leads to sleeping with a bottle of water, and I swear it seems like the more I drink, the more dehydrated I feel.

This hasn't really been a problem in the past, but I realized that the dryness coincided with the first time I used the heat this winter.

I picked up a cool air humidifier for my bedroom and it's in there making occasional spitting noises and (hopefully) flinging mist into the air. I can't tell a difference yet... do these things really work? I'm going to just let it run all night and hope that the room will reach critical mass (critical moisture?) at some point. My sinuses and throat would be perfectly happy to not be so damn dry!
I'll be talking to Dr. K's scheduler on Monday to schedule shoulder surgery.

Pardon me while I panic now. (I'm extremely needle-phobic.)

At least a week off work, four weeks in a sling, after four weeks I can start picking things up, but only up to a pound.

On the plus side, thanks to having kept my automatic tranny Trooper when I bought the manual Beetle, I should be able to drive after a couple of days and I should be able to type sometime in that first week (but no right-handed mousing... thank goodness for the trackpad on the laptop).

Five minutes... one five-minute period all day... that's the only time I've been separated from my cell phone.

And in that five minutes, Dr. K called to talk to me about my MRI results.

So... now I keep wondering 'til tomorrow.

*bangs head on desk*
Okay, the vicodin did nothing for me other than make me fuzzy-headed (which had the peripheral effect of making me not care that my shoulder was hurting, but the ultracet (tramadol) just made the pain go away. I'm not dizzy, or fuzzy, or sleepy... I just don't hurt.

Wow. After almost six weeks, I'd forgotten what not hurting felt like!

Yay for non-narcotic pain relief that works!
When last I posted about the ongoing shoulder problem, the MRI had been cancelled 'cause the pre-certification wasn't done. I called Dr. H's office to let them know, and they tried again, and the insurance denied it. So yesterday I called OrthoIndy (where I went for the shoulder problems a couple of years ago, and where I'd've been returning anyway if I need surgery) and my favorite shoulder doc wasn't going to be on this side of town again 'til the end of the month. Ugh. However, they could fit me in today if I was willing to drive over to the west side. Hmmm... drive 25 minutes to avoid having to wait another two weeks to find out what's wrong? Yeah... I think I can do that.

non-icky medical stuff back here )

So... now I wait 'til Friday and call for results and to schedule a follow-up appointment. In the meantime, I have my shoulder on CD and I found an open-source image-viewer that lets me look at the scans. Of course, I have absolutely _no_ idea what I'm looking at, but they're entertaining all the same. :-)
Woohoo! After two weeks of being miserably congested, I can finally breathe again!

Went to the doctor* on Wednesday, partly to see if we could do something about this persistent cough from the drainage from the gunk in my head, and partly because I've managed to screw up my shoulder again (screw up in the sense of moving from the normal dull pain to active "OMG don't make me open a door with that arm!" pain). Came away having had most of the kinks and knots worked out of my neck (which is all tense from guarding the shoulder), and with good meds to knock down the cough, and steroids (and a physical therapy scrip) for the shoulder.

The happy side-effect of the steroids is that they've also relieved the swelling in my sinuses, so for the first time in two weeks I can breathe comfortably.

All that, just in time for me to have my only weekend at home in October. So I get a weekend to catch up on things at home and I don't have to spend it being miserably sick.

Life is good...

* This was my first trip to my new primary care doc (after years of joking that the local ortho shop was my primary care physician, since I'm generally injured more often than I'm sick) and I think I'm going to really like her. Of course, the fact that I had a chance to talk to her at several cons and that she came highly recommended by a whole herd of Dorsai didn't hurt. :-) She's waytheheck over on the other side of town, but that's okay... I'd rather drive 30 minutes for a doctor I like and trust than five minutes for one I dislike (and therefore won't go to). Also, my experience w/ most primary care MDs has been that they don't know crap about musculo-skeletal problems, which is why I've always self-referred straight to Ortho Indy. Since Dr. Harding's an osteopath, she actually groks the structural stuff. Yay!