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I've been busily promoting this over on Facebook and forgot to post about it here. My apologies!!

Michael & Li's house in Indy
232 East 68th Ct.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ginger and Bekah return to Indy!! This time we'll be at a new venue... Michael and Li have graciously offered their living room, so you get the intimate house concert feel without having to drive alllll the way out to my place in the middle of nowhere. :-)

Door is at 6:30 with music starting at 7 pm. PLEASE BRING CHAIRS or prepare to sit on the floor. :-) The household has two cats, so plan accordingly if you're allergic.

Suggested donation is $10-15 per person to keep our travelling songstresses in gas money. I hope to see lots of you there!!

Check out their websitefor more information about Ginger and Bekah and their music. If you haven't heard them before, you've been missing a treat!
Greetings, all!

I've posted this on Facebook, but just realized that I hadn't actually posted it here recently...

The Traveling Fates, comprised of [ profile] s00j, Ginger Doss (of Velvet Hammer and DreamTrybe fame) and Bekah Kelso (who has an excellent solo CD in addition to her work with the Fates) will grace us with their presence at a house concert at my house on October 9th.

As a group, they are more than just the sum of the individuals, as they draw strength and inspiration from each other to create amazing harmonies. So mark your calendar and come join us! My house is near Frankton, IN, just north of Anderson and about equidistant from the Indy northside or from Muncie. Weather permitting, the concert will be outside. If it's too chilly for that, the concert will be downstairs, and if we have too many people to fit in the room, we can spill over onto the back porch. I have a ton of wood that needs burning, so there will be a bonfire unless it's pouring rain. :-)

$10-$15 suggested donation for these traveling grrlz
House has cats and dogs which will be elsewhere for the show.
Supervised minors welcome.

Directions and parking info will be sent out closer to time, so please RSVP here or to so I know who to send directions to! :-)

For the out-of-towners, I don't have extra crash space indoors, but there's plenty of room to pitch a tent if you want to camp for the night!
Woohoo!! Details have been worked out and it's decided! The Traveling Fates ([ profile] s00j, Ginger Doss and Bekah Kelso) will be in concert at my house (I love my life!) on October 9, 2009.

From Sooj's website...

Friday October 09, 2009 — 8-10pm
Traveling Fates House Concert
at RedDog North, hosted by Debbie G.
RSVP to house @
Frankton, IN 46044
$10-$15 suggested donation for these traveling grrlz
House has cats and dogs which will be elsewhere for the show.
Supervised minors welcome.
with Sooj, Ginger, and Bekah's music woven together!

So there you have it. :-) Plan now, mark your calendars, and come join us for the evening! Weather permitting, the show will be on the back porch. If weather doesn't allow for that, we'll be in the downstairs den. Some of you have been here before, and I'll provide the address via email to anybody who RSVPs (I'll also probably put it up in a friends-locked post closer to the time of the show).

For those of you who've heard Sooj... think about her music and then imagine three equally strong and wonderful women, weaving amazing harmonies and raising boundless energy... that's the Fates. From their website... "The Traveling Fates - a genre-hopping musical ride skirting the edges of Alt-Rock, Americana, Jazz, Folk-Hop, and Mythpunk: three women take control of their destiny, to pursue their dreams, and to live them. Three songwriters take the stage together, to share their voices, their muses, and their stories. Three powers come together in perfect harmony, to inspire many others to follow. Ginger Doss, Bekah Kelso, and S. J. Tucker are the Traveling Fates."

Plan now... you know you want to be here!