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OVFF... lots of riding in car with little girls interspersed with OMGPegasusOMG! (Wild Mercy tied for Best Performer with the fabulous Betsy Tinney), music, hugs, more music, more hugs, not enough conversation (or music) with some people who I seemed to mostly pass in the halls all weekend, but that's kinda how OVFF goes, so it's okay.

Wild Mercy was only scheduled for two songs during the weekend... One Small Boat in the Pegasus concert and Morning Song in the Cath Benefit CD concert. Both are pretty, but after the awards announcements, we rather felt the need to rock. :-D Since there was a theme filk Saturday evening of Cover Filk, where you played songs written by other people in the room, we made sure [ profile] vixyish came down to the room for a few minutes and we finally got to perform our arrangement of Thirteen for her. I think she liked it. I know we love it and have fun playing it. Later that night, as the remnants of two filks converged in the hall outside the con suite and went from hallway conversation to hall filk, a fellow I hadn't met yet wandered up and chatted for a bit, then sang us a wonderfully funny song about Lady Liberty. He'd mentioned in passing that it was on his CD, so after a couple more songs, I prompted him to tell us about the CD, and several of us bought it on the spot. If you didn't get to hear him this weekend, check out Glen Raphael.

Frankenstorm's fringes were making Columbus cold and blustery, but the worst of it held off 'til we left on Sunday, meaning most of it hit while we were on the road rather than while we were walking back and forth between hotels (we stayed nextdoor at the Sheraton Suites, which is imminently dog-friendly). I did bring Nicky over to the con for a snuggle on Sunday afternoon, having had several people in his fan club request a visitation. He's a fabulous ambassador for the breed (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, for all the people who asked) and had a good time being loved on. After that it was time to pack up and leave.

All of Wild Mercy is safely home, and I'm watching the Twitter/Facebook/LJ feeds to make sure all the East Coast filkers manage the same (or stay safely ensconced west of the storm). Please, all of my friends in the affected areas... stay safe!

ovff plans...

Oct. 18th, 2010 11:15 am
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I've changed my reservation so I arrive Friday instead of Thursday for OVFF. I had the opportunity to pick up a volunteer shift at the zoo on Thursday evening, plus it will save me one night of points for the hotel.

I'm planning to leave Indy fairly early on Friday, as soon as the petsitter arrives so I can give her a key and introduce her to the crew, so I'll hopefully see y'all by early afternoon!
Quick question... I've currently got reservations for Thursday through Sunday nights but I'm trying to decide whether to cancel Thursday and just drive over on Friday.

Who's arriving when?

oh yeah...

Oct. 26th, 2009 11:23 pm
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Home... fuzzy (critters happy to see me)... sleepy... kinda out of words.
55 minutes left at the office. 55 minutes to try to either get stuff done or head off problems that might occur in my absence. 55 minutes 'til I don't have to be back at work 'til Tuesday. W00t!!

I've got a friend coming over after work to pick up a house key, and she'll stay with the furry horde, so they don't have to be boarded, which will make them and my finances much happier. :-) Said friend is also probably moving in, so I'll have a roommate again, which greatly simplifies things like travel and working late.

And my potential passenger from Indy has another ride who fits her schedule better, so now my morning is completely free. I can have a leisurely breakfast, take my time packing, and still be in Clumps in time to get settled into the hotel before I make an airport run at about 6 pm.

It's shaping up to be a much more relaxed weekend than I was anticipating, which makes me very very happy!
If you haven't made your OVFF reservations already, the room block is apparently sold out for two nights already (not the hotel... just the block). I just booked for Thursday night through Sunday night and got two nights at the block rate and two nights at the regular rate.

I guess it's going to be a full con!

(ETA: Web site has been fixed (a glitch had made the menu disappear) and the room block should be getting expanded... yay for the power of teh intarweb! :-))

(Edited again... Block has been expanded. My reservation has been fixed by the very nice Zach who took my call earlier this afternoon. Still a good idea to book soon, though!)
Spent the day at home sick today. Nothing like being two days from OVFF and getting sick. Bleah. Hopefully I've headed the worst of it off at the pass. As long as I have a voice for Black Davy's Ride in the Pegasus nominees concert, I'll be happy!

It's funny... my focus this year feels different than in the past. Instead of getting some new stuff ready to sing in the filk circles, I don't really care if I perform during the weekend. I'm just looking forward to hanging out with all the people who I only see once or twice a year, especially since time and financial constraints seem to be dictating that this is my last con 'til Capricon in February.

So I'll see a bunch of y'all on Friday. I should be in Columbus by early afternoonish and Wild Mercy has to scare up time (and a free corner somewhere) to run Black Davy's Ride with [ profile] sweetmusic_27 a couple of times before the concert Friday night.

And now I should go pack!
Got home around four this afternoon and promptly crashed for a nap.

Lovely lovely nap.

Now I'm going to walk the dogs and go to bed for real.

Tomorrow there will be con report.

(Short version... had fun... made new friends... spent time with old friends... didn't sleep much.)
I think the best part of arriving a full day early for OVFF is that I had a chance to get unpacked, have some lazy relaxing time, and then got to hang out with people as they started trickling in last night. We had a fairly quiet early filk last night and I wandered off to bed at about 1:30, having had a chance to spend some time with [ profile] catalana, [ profile] cadhla, [ profile] peteralway, [ profile] sweetmusic_27, [ profile] singlemaltsilk, [ profile] robin_june, [ profile] autographedcat, [ profile] braider, [ profile] joecoustic, Kathy Sands, the Haymans, and numerous other people who are escaping my brain at the moment.

Got a good night's sleep and woke up just ahead of my alarm this morning (which was nice because it meant I could keep the alarm from waking up [ profile] catalana), had a long hot shower, had breakfast with [ profile] peteralway and then headed off to find the airport and retrieve [ profile] vixyish and [ profile] tfabris. Now I've been hanging out in the lobby saying "hi" to folks as they wander in, including [ profile] msminlr who just arrived after driving all night.

[ profile] blueeyedtigress and I are off on a quest for minor missing things now... at a minimum, there's a Target and a liquor store in our immediate future. More later, as things really get going. For now, I'm going to continue to enjoy my lazy morning. :-)
Suitcase is packed and loaded.

Dogs have been snuggled, walked, and given new bones to distract them.

Guitars (yes, plural... I couldn't decide between the Martin and the Ovation) and bag-o-music and assorted accessories are in the truck.

Oddly, I'm not taking a drum. How weird is that? But my shoulder hurts, and it's heavy and I can always drum on the guitar.

I'm heating up some lunch and then I'll pack the laptop and wander eastward. This should put me at the hotel between four and five.

My black dance pants have been found.


Apparently I'd forgotten to take into account how lightweight they are. They were literally sandwiched between two black t-shirts and I couldn't even tell they were there.

Suitcase is mostly packed. Dogs have just realized that I'm leaving. I think I'll go see if it's possible to sleep with three clingy dogs and a messed-up shoulder. (My guess is that the answer is "no" and somewhere in the middle of the night, I'll end up crating Thunder and Drummer 'cause driving three hours after no sleep would be a Bad Idea.)

I'll see many of y'all in Clumps in the next day or so.

OVFF, here we come!!

what's left?

Oct. 24th, 2007 08:20 pm
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Trooper has been cleaned within an inch of its life, and sent to (and retrieved from) the local most-excellent auto repair place, where it had its oil changed and (most importantly) its pesky Check Engine light dealt with.

Laundry is in washer and dryer now.

House is a reasonable facsimile of clean.

Litterboxes have been scooped. Dog and cat food have been acquired so nobody starves while I'm away.

Buttons and ribbons have arrived and been tucked safely away in the truck so they're not forgotten.

Filk book has been mostly organized. Guitars have been placed by door.

Petsitter has been arranged (ages ago) and updated instructions sent (moments ago).

Hat (for Mad Hatter's Tea Party and later for Capricon) has failed to arrive. Swearing has occurred.

What's left?



I guess I should pack, eh?
I'm making a couple of airport trips on Friday to pick up friends and ferry them back to the hotel for OVFF, and this has provided a perfect excuse for me to really clean the inside of the Trooper.

Normally, this is a truck that carries me and either (a) a lot of PA gear or (b) dogs. Over time, it's kinda come to personify the Utility in Sport Utility Vehicle. IOW... it's a mess. It's needed cleaning for awhile, but the convergence of the need to carry passengers, a free weekend, and a really stellar sunny day made today The Day for cleaning.

It's a much less messy truck now! After two hours with a vacuum cleaner, a sturdy brush, a trash bag, and a box for all the things that had been living in the truck but which really needed to go back into either the house or the garage, it's almost habitable in there! I've got to finish vacuuming the driver's side floor (front and back), but the passenger side is all clean and defurred, and the cargo compartment is the cleanest it's been in years.

Yay for shiny clean truck! (And looking at it, I still think Isuzu got it right with this one, design-wise. For me, it's the perfect combination of comfort and utility and it still looks really good, especially considering that it's 12 years old.)
Because I hijacked Sally's new field recorder for the weekend to act as a stand-in for the memory that I don't have, I now present random sound bites from [ profile] cadhla's improv workshop at OVFF...

while talking about playing the game of "Questions"... "It's also the concept on which most speech simulators on the internet are built, so if you get good enough at it, you can make Eliza explode."

on visualizing your audience... "You can try picturing people naked. I've heard people say that that's a great technique... I don't think so. ... Because the trouble is that if you've really got a vivid imagination you start picturing people naked, and it's all okay because we're all people, and that's good and then you stop and think... 'What if Maureen is actually from Mars?' and suddenly I'm looking at Maureen and not only is she naked but there are tentacles involved... and I am no longer happy in this conversation."

on patter... "You'll find that most of the good patter in filk... is very very fast and makes very little sense. We're not big on sense here!"

on developing facial expressions (specifically, sad face)... "You're not sad enough. Why aren't you sad? I JUST SHOT YOUR PUPPY!"

which led to a comment by me that now we have a room full of Zombie Puppies from Ohio, which was determined to be a very good name for a band. Now I need a logo for buttons...

And, just because we promised not to let her live it down (and as an example of things that you try not to be embarrassed by when they come out of your mouth), during the discussion of our just-completed animal improv, there was this gem...

"If you're trying to get something across real fast, crack open the clamshell... lick yourself." *room laughs* "I'm going to pretend that I didn't just say those two things together..."
I thought I'd jot some thoughts down before OVFF finishes running together in a blur (I'm already losing track of what happened which day...).

This way to random OVFF ramblings... )

There are a million more, but those are the ones currently coming to mind. I'm not even going to try to list all the people who I heard or spent time with, 'cause I'd miss somebody and then I'd feel bad. Suffice it to say that it was a great weekend full of good music and good conversations and I just wish it could have been longer!

I can't finish this without thanking [ profile] min0taur and Sally for introducing me to this whole "filk thing"... who knew, when we started our little Celtic band, that Jen and I would end up getting introduced to a whole new world! I love that we're all friends first and bandmates second, and I'm amazed (and a little awed) at the number of truly wonderful friends I've made in the last two years that I'd've never met if it hadn't been for Barry and Sally.