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Tomorrow marks the end of Trevor’s second week here at Reddog Central, and he’s come a long way in a very short time! Big improvements in housebreaking, crate training, knowing his name and the meaning of “No!” and, best of all, being able to play outside with both of my dogs! He’s been on doxycycline for eight days now, so three weeks more ’til he can start his heartworm treatment.

Trevor enjoys the run of the yard

Except for the very first day, he hasn’t tried to mark in the house, but he was tethered to me for all of the first week, so he had very little opportunity. I’ve now received Belly Bands that fit him, so he can have more freedom without me having to worry about the furniture, but I’m not sure they were necessary. He seems to have quickly realized that marking is Not Allowed in the house. He’s had no accidents in his crate after the first couple of days, either, which makes me very happy.

This week's milestones... )

Next steps… leash manners, “sit,” “wait” and taking treats gently (those last two are related… to each other and to my bruised finger).

The vet called with the results of Trevor’s last test today. No intestinal parasites! Yippee! I knew the shelter had wormed him, but the wormer they use doesn’t kill whipworms, and finding out whether he was clear of those was the last barrier to him being able to have unsupervised play time in the yard with my guys.

A tale of meds, and dogfood, and testosterone... )

So now I spend the next 30 days giving Trevor his antibiotics and trying to put some weight on him. Also, continuing to introduce him and Drummer. I tried yesterday… Trevor and Thunder were out in the backyard, and I took Drummer out on lead. They started off just sniffing, but then there was some generalized grumbling from both of them, so I wasn’t willing to turn them loose together quite yet. Boys. I swear. You could cut the testosterone with a knife.

It’s going to be an interesting few months, I can tell!

The new foster dog is settling in nicely, and I think he’s a Trevor. It came down to Trevor and Sparky in the end. He could be a Sparky… I think he’s got the personality for it… but I think Trevor works better for him learning things, since it’s vaguely close enough to the sound of Drummer and Thunder that calling any of the names in the backyard tends to get the whole pack moving (which is usually what I want if I’m calling them in from the yard, for instance). So he’s getting used to “The nice lady yells something that ends in “-er” and we all run back to the house.” Hey, it’s a start… I’ll take my training babysteps wherever I can get ‘em.

Yesterday was busy )

Finally back home, poor Trevor was going a little stir crazy with nothing but leash walks, so I decided he could have some supervised time out in the yard with Thunder. The two of them played like puppies… it was so cute! Lots of play bowing and bouncing around. Trevor definitely has a good repertoire of doggy body language, and he doesn’t really show any effort to be alpha, so that bodes well for him and Drummer getting along (I may do that introduction this afternoon).

Pictures and a Movie )

The shrieking you may hear in the background of the video is Drummer, who had to stay inside and miss all the fun. He was not a happy boy!

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I posted the good news about Kaos last night, but I think it wound up so far back on most people's f-lists that nobody saw it. Short story... Kaos got adopted! Woohoo! Details in previous posting. :-)

But that brings me to the LJ oddity... I originally wrote the Kaos post yesterday afternoon from work. Then [ profile] nycgadgetgirl, who was really the person responsible for the whole Kaos saga, mentioned that she really wanted to announce it first in her blog, so I marked my post as private and planned to release it later. When Jenna told me that she'd posted her announcement, I went in and set mine back to public and changed the time to the current time.

What I didn't realize was that it changed the "visible" time of posting, but there's some underlying bit that kept it in people's f-lists at the original posting time, so it was showing up as if it had been posted at 3:30 instead of at 9:30. So my question now is this... do any of you LJ long-timers know if there's a way to change that behavior? Or is that hardwired for some odd reason? I guess the better option (had I known this at the time) would have been to simply copy the first post, delete it, and repost publicly at the later time so that the post would sort correctly in lists. Seems to make the ability to change the posting time kind of pointless, though, or am I misunderstanding how that would work (or why you would use it)?
I'm so excited that I'm bouncing all over my house...

On Sunday afternoon a potential adopter (hereafter called DogMom), who was interested in meeting Kaos, went out to Buck Hollow Kennels, where Kaos has been boarding. She really liked Kaos and so things were moving ahead pending (a) talking to Sue, the kennel manager, to see what her impressions had been, (b) getting DogMom's adoption application in and (c) assuming A & B were positive, having somebody do a home visit.

We got things out of order a bit, since I was having trouble reaching Sue (turned out her internet access was down... we had to resort to actual phone calls), and a friend of [ profile] nycgadgetgirl's did the home visit for us. He runs a breed rescue group, and his reaction was that DogMom was a great candidate (and Kaos gets a nice fenced yard to play in!). So... this afternoon I got a chance to talk to Sue, who not only thinks DogMom and Kaos will be a good fit, but who's offered to drive halfway (Kaos is near Reading, PA... DogMom lives near the Jersey coast) to meet DogMom so she doesn't have to drive all the way back.

So Kaos could be home as soon as tomorrow night! DogMom has promised pictures and updates, so we can see Kaos in her new environment... and I'm sitting here all sniffly over a dog who I haven't actually met in person!

* doing Snoopy dance of joy *

Oh... secondarily... if anybody needs a good boarding kennel in the general vicinity of Reading, PA, I highly recommend Buck Hollow Kennels in Mohnton, PA. They've been great to Kaos and they're really good about working with rescue!
Kaos is still in the kennel in Pennsylvania, where she's been since her original adopter dropped her off there in May. She's charmed the folks at the kennel, and the mom of another boarder there has taken Kaos under her wing and given her some extra attention and treats when she's been able.

But as wonderful as Buck Hollow has been, it's still a kennel... Kaos is a sweet girl and she deserves a real home of her own (plus, boarding, even at the reduced rescue rate, is expensive!).

Tomorrow, a potential adopter is driving out from New Jersey to spend some time with Kaos. She's already completed her adoption application, so if she likes Kaos (and Kaos likes her!), we might be just one home visit away from Kaos having a forever home!

I'm so excited... I was talking to Sue (the kennel manager at Buck Hollow) earlier today, and one of A&B's English Setters, who's been in boarding for months, is going to her forever home tomorrow, so we're hoping this is going to be a great weekend for getting rescue dogs sprung from the kennel and into real homes. :-)

So please... cross fingers and paws... light a candle... think good thoughts... pray that this will be the right home for Kaos this time!
Wow... what changes a year can bring...

Slightly less than a year ago, my sister [ profile] nycgadgetgirl met Kaos and her homeless owner Benedict. Kaos was estimated to be six months old at the time, and she and Benedict were devoted to each other.

The next year of Kaos's life got complicated )

She's 18 months old and she's been through who-knows-what before Benedict got her, then lived on the street with him (in two cities) until she was a little over a year old, and in the last five months she's been in the Miami-Dade shelter, a foster home in Orlando, an adoptive home in Pennsylvania, and now a kennel.

If you know someone who's looking for a great dog, please point them at this post or to Jenna's Tales of Kaos. She's a sweet girl with a lot of energy and probably needs to go to a home with no cats (or with dog-savvy cats and an owner who is willing to manage the interactions... we don't think she wants to do anything more than play, but she's about 60 pounds of muscle and energy, so caution is imperative with cats or small dogs!). Adopters don't have to be in Pennsylvania... we can arrange to transport her just about anywhere (though the eastern half of the country tends to be easier... especially since we already have a coordinator who's agreed to handle the transport anywhere in the eastern portion!).

Please help us find Kaos a home...
Some of you will remember my posting about Kaos a few months ago. She's the dog who'd wound up in Miami Dade Animal Services after getting separated from her owner (we still don't know what happened to Benedict). A bunch of people pulled together to help my sister (who had befriended Kaos and Benedict before they left NYC) get her pulled from the shelter, vetted, fostered, and eventually transported to what was expected to be her forever home in central Pennsylvania.

The next chapter in the Kaos Saga... )

If you're interested in fostering Kaos or adding her to your family, let me know and I can make sure you get all the up-to-date info on her. If you know people who might be good Kaos-parents, please point them to this post and to Tales of Kaos for the whole backstory. If you'd love to help but can't foster or adopt, we'll happily take donations towards the boarding bill ($13.50/day at the rescue rate... contact me for PayPal info). If "too much" money gets donated (is there ever too much money in rescue??), the remainder will be split between NYC Shiba Rescue (which Jenna runs) and Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue (the rescue where I fostered and then adopted Thunder, as well as fostering Ruff and doing lots of Setter transports) after all of Kaos' bills are paid and she's settled in her new home.
This afternoon, I drove a leg of a big Pointer transport moving seven Pointers and a Viszla from various shelter situations to a rescue in Michigan called Pointers from Oz.

I've never really spent much time around Pointers, but if the two who rode with me were any indication, they're as sweet as Setters... just less fluffy. :-)

For my part of the trip, I had Moxie, Wilbur and a Pomeranian named Lily who was hitching a ride from Louisville, KY, up to Marion, IN. I met the three dogs at the Outlet Shoppes in Seymour, IN. I had three crates, but I usually let one of the dogs ride in the front seat and today Moxie got the shotgun position. She was a little nervous, and needed help up into the seat, but she quickly decided that getting petted was A Good Thing... then she decided that sleeping was even better, so she curled up in a sunny spot and that's where she spent the rest of the trip.

(Psssst! Pictures are back here!) )

I stayed to meet the rest of the crew, inbound from the west and helped with the walking and loading for the next leg, and let me tell you... seven Pointers, a Viszla and a Pomeranian make for one very full mini-van! And now they're all on their way to new lives... and I'm home with my dogs, who think I was a Very Bad Mommy today because I came home smelling like a whole bunch of doggy strangers... and I'm wondering how it is that I can feel so attached to animals that I only saw for about 90 minutes...

Kaos is home!

Mar. 11th, 2007 03:30 pm
tollermom: (kaos_adopted)
It's official... Kaos has made it to her new mom. :-) Ami sent a text message to [ profile] nycgadgetgirl confirming that "She's a sweetheart!", which comes as no real surprise since that was the reaction of her foster mom and her transporters.

There should be pictures after they get home and have a chance to post. Right now they're probably setting out for the drive home from the meeting w/ the last transporter.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped get this girl home... [ profile] nycgadgetgirl for caring enough to pull off a rescue from NYC of a dog in Florida, [ profile] ambersaigh for putting her in touch with Brandy at OTRA, Anne for organizing and monitoring the transport, Jeanette for fostering after Kaos was pulled from Miami Dade Animal Services, and all the drivers who helped get her from Orlando to Pennsylvania.
Kaos is settled in at her overnight, and tomorrow morning she'll be heading out to meet her new family.

It's been a long strange journey for this girl, and I'm sure she's confused about being separated from her foster mom (and the first place she'd ever lived in the house)... I'm glad she's going to get a chance at longterm stability now. :-)
We have _one leg left_ to get Kaos from Orlando all the way to her new family in Pennsylvania.

One 66-mile stretch of highway in South Carolina (from Santee to Florence) is all that stands between her having to go back into boarding (her foster mom can't keep her past this weekend) and her getting home to her new Mom and Dad and fur-siblings.

Surely somebody out there is in eastern South Carolina and would be willing to give up a bit of a Saturday afternoon?

If you can help, this is the leg in question...

Leg 5 - Saturday, March 10, 2007
Santee, SC, to Florence, SC
3:20 p.m. - 4:35 p.m.
66 miles
1 hour 15 minutes

and these are the ladies who are coordinating the run...

The Contacts: Coordinator Anne Tienter
Backup Coordinator Carol Fitzgerald
Crossposted from [ profile] driveforlife

March 10 & 11 - One Medium Dog - Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania )
UPDATED 3-8-07!

The rest of the story:

Many of you have seen Kaos's story here over the last couple of weeks (the whole sage is on my sister's blog. This is a sweet, sweet dog who deserves her shot at learning the joys of living with a family and having a roof over her head. Anybody along the route who can spare a couple of hours, your help in getting Kaos home would be greatly appreciated!

If you've never done rescue transport before, that's okay! I'll be happy to give you tips, but it's easy! The trip is broken up into 50-80 mile legs so no one driver has to get too far afield, and Kaos will be travelling with all the necessary things (leash, collar, etc.). You just provide the vehicle, some time and some attention (she loves to be petted!). What you gain is the satisfaction of helping a rescued dog make it to her forever home.
Kaos has a new home!

An online friend of [ profile] nycgadgetgirl's, Ami is adding Kaos to her family, so our girl's gonna have a real home! :-) She'll have a Shiba fur-sibling along with a couple of kitty friends, so life will be good.

This makes me very happy... and I'm wondering how long it will be before [ profile] nycgadgetgirl's feet actually touch the ground again.

Yay for Kaos! And especially yay for Ami and her hubby for giving Kaos a permanent place to hang her leash.
So... you've seen the icon... you've read the tale... now here's video of Kaos enjoying a chewbone at her foster home.

Video and updates behind the cut! )

Regular updates (along with cute new pictures and another update from Jeanette, her foster mom) are being posted by [ profile] nycgadgetgirl on her blog so feel free to pass the link along to anybody who might be able to help us find this great girl a forever home. :-)
Kaos, dog-friend of my sister [ profile] nycgadgetgirl and niece T, made it out of Miami Dade Animal Services this weekend, over to a local vet for a brief stay, then on to her temporary foster home in Orlando. This all came together when [ profile] ambersaigh over at [ profile] driveforlife put [ profile] nycgadgetgirl in contact with the good folks over at OTRA, who helped provide the on-sight folks in Miami and between Miami and Orlando to get the transports put together.

Picture and more info behind the cut... )

For more details, see Tales of Kaos .

Kaos is safe!

Feb. 16th, 2007 05:12 pm
tollermom: (kaos_adopted)

Thanks to a whole bunch of people calling, cajoling, begging and pleading, we now have a volunteer to pick Kaos up from Miami Dade and get her to the vet who's agreed to board her. So Kaos is safe and now there's time to make more organized plans for finding her a forever home.

[ profile] kychilehead commented to me earlier today about how cool it is to see the lengths that dog-lovers will go to to save one dog, and it's true. This kind of concerted effort from friends and strangers, for a dog halfway across the country from most of us, reminds me that there's hope for us upright apes after all.
Awhile back, my sister [ profile] nycgadgetgirl befriended a homeless man and his dog in New York City. Said man and dog subsequently moved to Miami to flee the cold New York winter, but something has gone wrong and the dog, Kaos, is now in the Miami Dade shelter. The shelter has extended her grace period 'til 4 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday), but she needs to be out of there as soon as possible.

[ profile] nycgadgetgirl has a vet who can board Kaos, and the shelter will release her (sis's name is on Kaos's vet paperwork from New York), but we need a volunteer who can retrieve Kaos from the Miami Dade shelter and transport her to the vet clinic (45 minutes-ish) for boarding.

Anybody out there able to help, or know anybody who might be?

Full story of Kaos is on Jenna's blog... .

Update... Kaos is at Miami Dade Animal Services (7401 NW 74th Street, Miami) and needs to get to VCA Hillside Animal Hospital (4181 West Hillsboro Boulevard, Coconut Creek). All the relevant contact details will be provided if someone can volunteer!

Update2... Kaos is safe. A local rescuer will pick her up from the shelter in the morning and get her to the vet for boarding. The shelter has been updated and everything is on track.
So... I talked to the shelter and the little girl that I'd wanted has definitely been adopted.

The continuing saga from Roicy... )

So... no puppy for me this week. I've called the vet in Lafayette and told them they're no longer expecting a boarder, and I'm going to take the money I would have paid for boarding and send it to ARNO.

Then I'm going to go home and hug the boys and enjoy being a two-dog household for awhile longer.

Sad-Eyes (now officially Puppy Who Needs A Name) will be boarding with the Acadiana Vet Clinic in Lafayette until transport can be arranged. I'm hugely relieved, knowing she's got somewhere to go and will be safe!

Of course, now I hear from the volunteer who's working with the shelter and she says she's having trouble getting a straight answer from them... "my" puppy may have been adopted already.

So... we shall see!