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We finally got enough snow to take pictures, instead of just the little dustings we had earlier in the winter. Since this was Petey’s first real snow, I naturally had to take pictures. The shot of Petey play-bowing at a stick may be one of my favorite pics of him so far… it completely captures his personality and his boundless enthusiasm for play.

Click through to the blog to see the pictures!

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Or, more accurately, where are the pedals in my car?

This morning I had to make an early trek to the vet's office with ChaseTheOldDog (another post will be forthcoming about that... in short, though, he should be okay), which meant I had to go out while it was Still Dark and completely de-snow the car.

It was 20 degrees outside at 6:30ish this morning, and I was flinging snow around. This required something sturdier than my normal winter footwear (tennis shoes), so I broke out the heavy hikers. They're lovely and sturdy and waterproof and warm and this worked swimmingly for mucking about in the driveway in the snow.

Then I got in the Beetle to drive and discovered that the heavy hikers, with their non-bending ankles, steel shanks and thick soles, left me completely unable to tell WTF I was doing with my feet in regards to the Beetle pedals.

It was weird... I was driving by ear (more so than usual) 'cause hearing the changes in RPMs was the only way I had any idea what I was doing with the clutch or gas pedals, and every time I reached for the clutch I was in fear that I was going to get the brake pedal too. Thankfully, I didn't, and my drive to work was uneventful, but it was a very odd feeling. I love my heavy hikers, but I think I'll relegate them to tasks other than driving from now on (or at least to only driving the Trooper, which has stiffer pedals so this isn't an issue).
Well, we got more snow, and it's really pretty outside... but at 24 degrees, it's too cold and windy to actually go out and enjoy it!

The roads appear to be in decent shape, but I can't shovel because of the shoulder, can't reach my neighbor who mows (and occasionally plows) for me to see if he'll dig me out, and when I went out to see if the Beetle would fight through the snow in the driveway, I realized that under all the pretty snow on the cars, there's a lovely layer of ice.


Since the Beetle's a diesel and doesn't actually generate heat until it's moving (not just idling), I can't just crank it up and let it thaw itself out, so I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to get it de-iced enough to go to work in the morning, and I'm certainly not going to make it to winter solstice choir rehearsal in an hour and a half. Oops.

I think I'll dress up in all my warm stuff and take Drummer out to play in the snow for awhile... he's adorably silly in the snow.

Edited to Add... Once I was appropriately attired for the weather, I found that three sides of the Beetle got a good layer of snow before the ice, so they were easy to excavate. The other side took some chipping, but I think I've got enough hacked away that I can see out now, so the next step is to see if I can get it out of the driveway. Whee!
We last had snow in February.

10 months ago.

Why is it that everybody in freakin' Indiana seems to forget how to drive in the stuff from one winter to the next?

*bangs head on desk*

6.8 miles, door-to-door, from home to work. On normal days, it takes me 15 minutes. On really high-traffic days, it might take 20.

This morning, on perfectly well-maintained snowy-but-not-slippery roads?

57 minutes.

57 minutes gone out of my day, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic idling along behind people who are all freaked out by the snow.


I grew up in Mississippi and I don't "forget" driving in snow from one year to the next... how is it that the people who've driven in the stuff all their lives can be so terribly freaked out by it.

Based on past experience, it'll take about two months for people to get past the "ZOMGWTFSNOW!" stage, skip the driving-at-an-appropriate-speed-for-conditions stage and go straight to "my SUV is invincible... watch me speed down icy roads OH SHIIIIIIIIIIII..."


(Of course, this is the same state where drivers panic when it rains... even if they were just driving in rain the day before... so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that they panic at snow. *rolls eyes*)
My favorite email title of the day, amidst all of the Valentine's Day propaganda, was this one, from Eastern Mountain Sports...

"Forget chocolates... buy her snowshoes!"

I could use snowshoes with the amount of snow drifting in my front yard. Better yet, I need snowshoes for the dogs... poor Chase is just heavy enough to break through the crust and not tall enough to just plow through the snow, so when he went out this morning, his progression around the yard was "take a step... fall through crust... scramble out of hole... take a step... fall through crust..." Poor guy... it's harder on him, with the cataracts, 'cause he's not sure where the ground is anyway... it's all one big featureless white blob.

I've escaped!

Feb. 14th, 2007 11:17 am
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I got up every couple of hours last night and opened the front storm door and shoveled the bit of front porch right around the door (can't shovel much more than that due to a messed up right shoulder). That enabled me to get out the door this morning (yay!). Walking down the sidewalk and around the truck in the driveway was fun, 'cause there's anywhere from 18" - 30" of drifted snow and it's just crusty enough that you can't walk on it but you can't really walk through it either... so every step involves stepping out of a hole, onto the crust, breaking through, etc. (lather rinse repeat).

While I was knocking the snow off the truck and letting it warm up, my across-the-street neighbor came over to see if I was really going to try to leave. I told him I had to at least make the attempt, so he shoveled the end of my driveway where the county had plowed me in, and then shoveled a little right behind the back tires of the Trooper so I had a chance to get a running start. (I love my neighbors... he and his wife are two people who I'll honestly miss when we finally sell the neighborhood and we all move away. They're planning to move to South Carolina at that point, so I won't see them much after that.)

Thanks to the Big Sturdy Truck, I was then able to clamber over the remaining snow in the driveway and once I was on the street, progress was swift and uneventful. And after all of that, I was actually on time to work (I'm never on time... one of the perks of management... I don't haveta be here at 8:30 if I don't wanna).

Whee... hopefully it will stay Really Freakin' Cold outside so we don't get the nasty melty refreezy thing going on for evening rush hour. Last I checked, it was 11 outside. Brrr...

Stay safe and warm, folks!
At the rate the snow is blowing in, I may not be able to open the doors in the morning.

I wonder if "I can't get out of the house" will be considered a viable excuse if the office is open? :-)

(I've now shoveled the front porch three times and the sidewalk twice. You can't tell. I give up...)
So the snow storm which has pretty much swallowed Indy... it blew in from the south. In fact, it's still blowing in from the south.

Which way does my house face?


And what does that mean for the snow drifts?

They're deepest right outside my front door...

Thankfully only about six inches drifted all the way across the porch, so I was at least able to open the door when I finally decided to venture outside. The drifts just off the edge of the front porch are closer to 15-18" deep, and I gave up on the idea of shovelling the sidewalk. I shovelled the porch and cleared most of the first section of sidewalk (so that it doesn't all try to blow back onto the porch. Since it's 22 outside, with 17mph winds, it didn't take long for me to decide I'd been out in that for long enough! I opted to leave a small layer of snow on the sidewalk rather than taking it all the way down to the concrete, 'cause what's falling right now is the proverbial freezing rain and it'll be easier to hack my way through that later if it's lying on top of snow rather than frozen directly to the sidewalk. At least that's my theory...

I'm off to play in the snow with Drummer.

Snow day!

Feb. 13th, 2007 06:48 am
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Wow... did the world end while I was asleep?

Once upon a time, the rule of thumb for my work was that if the county didn't call a Snow Emergency, the office wouldn't close.

Well, the county hasn't (yet) declared an emergency but I just called our emergency line at work and the office is closed. Just heard the Hamilton County Sheriff on TV, though, and he's anticipating that a snow emergency will be declared as the morning continues. Snow's actually not bad out yet, but it's wet and slick and we're expecting it to continue pretty much all day. The line for the blizzard warning is just barely north of my house, and the snow's starting to drift already. I'm extremely glad that this waited 'til we were safely home from Chicago before starting.

Woohoo! Last night I stocked up on smoked turkey and cheese so I've got sandwich fixiings. There's dogfood, catfood, and I bought extra cat litter ('cause being stuck at home with the cats and no way to clean the boxes would be _bad_). I'm going back to bed now...
We were supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow today. What we got turned out to be more like 5-8, at least at my house, but it's lovely light fluffy stuff and the dogs had a blast playing in it after work.

Drummer had the most fun... he's my little furry snowplow, running through the yard with his head down and the snow flying back on either side. Such a silly boy... I threw snowballs at him 'til my hands were frozen, then I discovered that he was really just as happy if I kicked clouds of fluffy stuff at him, and that involved much less freezing of extremities on my part.

Of course, eventually my body said "Hello? 12 degrees out? Inside now, please?" and, being a reasonably smart frozen person, I let it talk me into going back indoors.

Now if the roads just clear up in time for me to leave for Chicago on Thursday morning...


Dec. 9th, 2005 12:09 am
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It snowed today... we got about seven inches of light, fluffy powdery white stuff. Played merry hell with the homeward commute... my housemate took almost an hour getting home, while I stayed at work (same office) a bit longer and then made it home in about 35 minutes. But still, that's only a seven-mile commute!

On the plus side, it's pretty, and fluffy, and Drummer thought it was just the coolest thing in the world. He was thoroughly fascinated by the housemate shovelling the driveway, so I got the camera out while she tossed snow at him and sometimes on him.

Taking flash photos of a moving dog in a snowstorm presents some interesting challenges, but I managed to get a few fun shots.

Enough talk... on to the pictures! )