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Short post, since I haven't said anything here lately...

Working Anthrocon with the Dorsai this weekend. Having lots of fun. Now becoming horizontal for awhile before I go back on duty at 7 a.m. :-)
I spent a great portion of 2011 in a state of near-panic about financial issues, which tended to overshadow other things on a day-to-day basis, but when I look back at the year, it was really a pretty good year (especially when compared to 2010, which definitely overstayed its welcome).

So, what did I do with my year?? )

So yeah... eventful year, and one that I could look back on and find a lot of negatives, but instead I look back and realize that I have amazing friends (both new and old), I have challenging volunteer opportunities that I enjoy and which get me out of my house and interacting with people, I've got four healthy dogs (counting the visiting Nick) and four healthy cats, and I got to spend the year making really incredible music with Wild Mercy. So I'll count 2011 as a win for me and challenge 2012 to be even better for all of us!
Greetings, faithful LJers!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. However, having been hit by a raging attack of volunteerism, I've found that my time for even things like answering email has gone the way of the Dodo, and updating LJ/Facebook/Twitter/etc., just really hasn't been happening. Occasional short things to Facebook, and a couple of tweets early this morning, but not much even in that short format.

So here's the basic rundown.

July 22-24, went to Confluence... had a lovely time... heard some great music.

July 28, went to first Firefighter Mandatory (hereafter known as FFM) class.

July 31-Aug 2, went to Canada... had a lovely time... came home with a puppy (and his dad). Puppy is Petey and is insanely cute. Dad is Nick and is the most laid-back Toller ever. Petey is permanent. Nick is visiting. Missed a FFM class while driving back from Peterborough.

Aug 4, went to second FFM class, on SCBA use. This was only the second time I'd ever put on my turnout gear and an airpack. Discovered that crawling on concrete (simulating search patterns in dark/smoky house) is really hard on knees. Ow.

Aug 5-7, went to Musecon... had a lovely time... heard some great music... did lots of puppy socialization... proved to people that not all Tollers are as busy as Drummer.

Aug 8, took pictures at a barn fire less than a mile from my house, then worked half a day, which wasn't enough time to catch up on the email that had piled up while I was off the previous week.

Aug 10, FFM class on search and rescue (in structure fires... not in the open).

Aug 12-14, worked security for IndyFurCon with the Dorsai Irregulars. Spent too much time hanging out and not enough time sleeping, as the DI are a highly entertaining bunch to spend time with, and I don't see some of them very often.

Aug 13 (note overlap w/ above), had five-hour practical session doing search patterns in a very very dark two-story building at the training center. Knees and shoulder are officially on strike, but I survived. Still have one sign-off to get from that section, but we're going to do it next time we're at the training center, as it wasn't worth pushing the bad shoulder any farther on Saturday.

Aug 14 (note continued overlap), worked IFC shift in a.m., then actual Indy Zoo shift in p.m. Went home, snuggled dogs, took a nap, and went back to work the dance at IFC. Hung out talking to some of the other Dorsai Folk (that's those of us who work contracts w/ the DI but who aren't DI ourselves) 'til stupidly late. Headed home, anticipating arriving around 2:30 a.m. Got diverted by a fire department page for a motorcycle vs deer accident. Took pictures of downed motorcycle for run report. Finally got home about 3:30 a.m., let all the dogs out to do their thing, put everybody back up, and fell in bed sometime after 4 a.m. Alarm clock was not my friend at 6:45 this morning.

Today is an exercise in trying not to fall asleep at my desk. Whee! Tonight, more S&R/SCBA practicals, hopefully also posting updates to FD website for last several incidents, then sleep... blessed blessed sleep...
Busy busy busy...

Firefighter Mandatory class started Thursday night. Three-hour class turned into four and we still didn't actually get to finding turnout gear, so I go back in the morning to see if we can find gear that fits me. That should be fun.

Things you never think about (or at least I didn't, til now)... it takes a crapload of hose to run a fire department, and all that hose has to be pressure tested every year! We've tested 12,000 feet of hose in the last few weeks. 5-inch hose, even empty, weighs a lot. With water in it, don't bother trying to move it.

Got word today that I passed my HazMat Awareness and Operations test, so I have my first official certifications now. Also, my very own Indiana PSID (Public Safety ID) number. Kinda nifty. Test was hard and I was worried. I'm really glad I don't have to take that one again!

More training, and a puppy! )

Apparently I've lost my mind. Eep!

And if that's the case, I should have done it sooner, 'cause damn this is fun! :-)

See some of y'all at Muse!
Confluence was fun... introduced some new people to our music and heard several people who I'd not heard/met before (Andina & Rich, Patricia Wake, and Pete Grubbs). Also had a good time hanging w/ the Dorsai. I do love working the dealer's room door, 'cause it means I actually see and talk to more than just filkers during the con! (Not that there's anything wrong w/ filkers, mind you... just that I sometimes need incentive to remember that there's more to the con than the filk room(s).)

Thanks to [ profile] mrgoodwraith for giving us concert slot and the all-important setup time, and thanks to [ profile] fuzzyvanman and [ profile] rms_butterfly for hauling sound equipment over to Pittsburgh so we'd have enough channels, and to [ profile] judifilksign for signing our concert! (I especially enjoyed "Fly Little Bird" 'cause I got to stand where I could watch her while I was singing.)

Tired... sleepy... back at work. More later, maybe, when coherent.

(What is wrong w/ LJ today? I've been trying to post this all day, both from my iJournal app and directly through the web interface, and as of 3:40 p.m., it hasn't posted yet!)
So, who all's going to FKO?

We had Wild Mercy rehearsal on Sunday, even though poor [ profile] harperjen had the crud and laryngytis, and finalized our set list and ran through a few things. It's the best bits of the set list we'd planned for Capricon, then the set list that actually got played by our "Trouble Comes in Threes" incarnation, which works out to a solid hour of rockin' tunes! It's gonna be a great concert, and I'm sooooooo looking forward to FKO.

This is my first FKO! Can you believe it? I keep trying to go, and it keeps not working out (it being in the middle of our fiscal year-end craziness at work has been contributory in past years), so I'm really fired up about it. And there are going to be lots of people there that I've never met, including [ profile] talis_kimberley, who I had hoped to meet when she was at Duckon, then my truck died and caused me to stay home.

And there will be lots of people who I normally only see once a year or once every couple of years at OVFF, so that will be fun too. One of the best parts of getting out of our "home" region is getting to see and hear filkers that I don't see often. I guess after FKO, GaFilk will have to be my next "I haven't made it there" goal for filk cons. :-)

So, back to my original question... who all's gonna be at FKO? It's coming up really _soon_ now, so plan fast if you haven't planned already!
Whee! At this time two nights from now, I should be in open filk at Capricon, or possibly having a fast concert set run-thru with [ profile] harperjen and [ profile] sweetmusic_27 before decamping to open filk for the rest of the evening.

For most of the weekend, you'll be able to find me in the Capricon Cafe, where I have a set on Friday afternoon and where I'll be running sound for most of the other sets on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday night, we have Semi-Feral Mercy: Trouble Comes in Threes! (We decided that if Jen and I are "Half-Wild", then Jen, Amy and I are just Trouble. :-)) There will be harp! There will be fiddle! There will be guitar and percussiony bits.

We'll be doing songs you've never heard Wild Mercy perform! We may even be doing songs that we've never heard Wild Mercy perform (see earlier comment about a concert run-thru on Friday night... this would be why :-)). After all, we have to take advantage of having our very own fiddler, which doesn't happen nearly often enough, so we may go back to our roots and do actual traditional Celtic tunes. (Ooooh... aaaaah...)

Whatever happens, it will be fun, and you should totally be there!

(Oh, yeah... bring your voice, 'cause there will be singalongs.)
Home from Wild Mercy rehearsal, where we were picking our set list for Capricon. Taking advantage of having [ profile] sweetmusic_27 there, it's a very fiddle-heavy set. :-)
Wow... I've been bad about not posting here on any remotely regular basis, haven't I?

Sorry about that... I'll try to do better! :-)

Now that we've all survived the holidays, Wild Mercy is focusing on our next couple of conventions. First up, we'll be at Capricon next month, where we'll be joined by [ profile] sweetmusic_27! I think all of us have Capricon Cafe sets, and I'll be working the Cafe all weekend running sound, so I should be easy to find. Wild Mercy has a concert on Saturday night before open filk, and we'll do some new stuff, and some old stuff, and some Far Light stuff. (If you have favorites you want to suggest, now would be the time!)

So who all's gonna be at Cap? I know Xap, Gundo and Roper will be, 'cause they're all working. :-) What about the rest of you? Chime in!

Next up after Capricon is FKO!!! We're wildly excited to be the GOHs at FKO this year and it's hard to believe that it's only a few months away now. There will be music, and workshops, and more music, and I fully expect that hilarity will ensue. I'm extra excited because not only is it my first-ever FKO, it's my first trip to Canada! (I know... I know... I've lived w/in driving distance of the border for almost 15 years and never actually made the trip... and I even have Canadian dogs!!) I hope we're going to see lots of you there in April!

ovff plans...

Oct. 18th, 2010 11:15 am
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I've changed my reservation so I arrive Friday instead of Thursday for OVFF. I had the opportunity to pick up a volunteer shift at the zoo on Thursday evening, plus it will save me one night of points for the hotel.

I'm planning to leave Indy fairly early on Friday, as soon as the petsitter arrives so I can give her a key and introduce her to the crew, so I'll hopefully see y'all by early afternoon!
Quick question... I've currently got reservations for Thursday through Sunday nights but I'm trying to decide whether to cancel Thursday and just drive over on Friday.

Who's arriving when?
Stream of consciouness random updates from my life...

Finally losing weight! Woohoo! No special diet... just good old-fashioned calorie-counting. I'm down 22 pounds as of today, and am officially retiring the jeans which are now too large to even keep on with a belt. Thankfully, the formerly too-small jeans fit again, so I can go down another size before I'm forced to go shopping. Ultimate goal? Getting to where my knees and ankles don't complain when I stand for a couple of hours at a Wild Mercy gig, and getting back off blood pressure meds.

Fiddler just ran off with the WiiMote. Silly cat.

Worked security for IndyFurCon w/ the Dorsai a couple of weekends ago, which was lots of fun. Have a compilation video that I'm putting together and will post eventually. There's a post building in my brain about that weekend, but I'm not coherent enough to string it all together right now.

Also... oh dear gods what was Apple thinking? iMovie used to be so easy to use and now it's an absolute nightmare, and I hate to put the entire Final Cut suite on my laptop just for this one little editing job. Grrrr... may have to finish editing that at work.

Wild Mercy is working on new stuff, which is always fun, in preparation for a joint concert with Il Troubadore. More about that once we have details worked out. Also, I'm working on new solo stuff, which means I'm playing way more guitar than usual, which mostly just makes me realize that I desperately need to find the time and money to take some guitar lessons.

Like I need more things to fill my copious "spare" time, I have a volunteer introduction meeting at the Indianapolis Zoo on Thursday night. I love our zoo... I've loved it ever since I moved here... and I'm looking forward to seeing what volunteer opportunities might work out. They want a fairly firm time commitment, which I can understand, but I'll have to see how that works into my Wild Mercy and con-going schedules!

This weekend I got bored w/ my hair (it was in that "I need to color the roots or re-color the whole mess" stage) and changed colors. I still have stripes, but this time they're bright pink instead of blond. It should be fun to see people's reactions to the change. :-)

The combination of all the recent work on the yard/sidewalk plus my forgetting that the car insurance and home warranty policies were all due in July (oops) means that I'm very short on cash right now. As a result, my going anywhere is very limited except for a couple of things that I've already paid for. Upcoming events... StrowlerFest in St. Louis, OVFF and WindyCon. if anybody is planning on going to StrowlerFest or WindyCon and wants to split the cost of a room, I've got space if you don't mind rooming with Drummer. :-) Which reminds me... I haven't booked a room for OVFF yet. I should do that.

And on that note... I already asked this over on Facebook, but I'll ask again here... who's going to StrowlerFest? Hopefully I'll see some of y'all there!

And now I must sleep. Tomorrow, work.... and entertaining reactions to fuschia-striped hair. Whee!
Last-minute car troubles have grounded me in Indy for the weekend. On the way home from the GB Mojo concert last night, the truck started acting odd, and my mechanic confirmed it as alternator problems this morning. He's going to work me in today, but there's no way he'll have it fixed in time for me to get there for enough of the con to make it worth the trip so, sadly, I've cancelled my room and my dogsitter and I'll be staying home.

On the plus side, this means I get a little more time hanging out w/ Ginger and Bekah before they have to leave for their next gig!
Since people keep asking and I keep forgetting to post... here's where I'll be for the next few months...

Duckon... I'll miss Friday and am hoping to arrive in time for the Lady Mondegreen concert (if lucky, even in time for the Dandelion Wine concert!) on Saturday. Not sure when I'm leaving. Probably before the Dead Dog on Sunday... possibly after open filk on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

InConJunction... Wild Mercy is (are?) the Filk GOH(s) for InCon over 4th of July weekend. There will be a concert, and a drum workshop, and lots of open filking.

WindyCon... I'll be at Windy this year to see Tricky Pixie, making this the first year I've managed to hit the three main Chicago cons all in the same year. Thank the powers-that-be for a new paid-time-off policy at work that effectively gives me more vacation days than in the past. :-) Membership is bought and room reservation made, so I'll be there all weekend.
May and June are turning into very musical months...

Tomorrow, I can has a [ profile] s00j and K! Yay! For Sooj fans in driving distance of Indy, the concert is tomorrow (Friday) night at 8 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis (615 W. 43rd St.).

Memorial Day weekend will find me at Marcon, where [ profile] cadhla is the Music GoH and where the con will be filled with many many filkers... so many that I ran out of willingness to code in all those usernames so just trust me that there are lots! :-)

Right after that, on Tuesday, June 1, Marian Call, singer-songwriter of geek songs and Browncoat songs and just generally cool stuff will be in Indy at Lazy Daze Coffee House from 7-8:30 pm. She's doing a self-managed tour of the entire continental US, and she's just playing for tips at the coffee house, so I hope we can get a great turnout for her and make it worth her while to want to come back to Indy someday! :-)

Then on June 18th, Ginger Doss and Bekah Kelso, aka GBMojo (and two-thirds of the Travelling Fates) will be in concert in Indy. Yes, that's the Friday of Duckon. I know. But it's when they could be here. So for folks who won't be at Duckon, you can plan to come to the GBMojo concert! It's tentatively scheduled for 8 pm at UUI, pending confirmation of the space reservation w/ the church office!

The plan is to then drive up to Duckon on Saturday morning, arriving at least in time for the Lady Mondegreen concert at 3 pm. Duck will have another long list of filkers, including [ profile] talis_kimberley who I'm very excited about meeting!

That gets us through June and then we head into July, which starts off w/ a bang with Wild Mercy being the Filk GoHs at InConJunction over Fourth of July weekend, then another local gig on July 10 (info to come, as I don't have specifics yet).

Since the FilKONtario website has announced it, I can squee here now... Wild Mercy is thrilled to announce that we'll be the Guests of Honor at FilKONtario 21, April 1-3, 2011! We'll be joined by Interfilk guest Ghost of a Rose, from Houston, TX, and Filk Waif Karen Linsley.

I'm insanely excited about this! Not only do we get to go spend a weekend making music with friends in Toronto, but we'll be there for April Fool's Day. I wonder how much silliness that will cause?? :-)


Are we there yet??
So... at some point during Capricon weekend, I have a set in the Capricon Cafe. (I'll probably be in the Cafe all weekend, doing my usually run-sound-and-record gig, so come hang out and hear some great music!)

My dilemma is what to put in my set. Right now, I have four songs planned... if you're planning to be there, feel free to suggest additions!

At the moment, I'm planning Archetype Cafe, two new songs of [ profile] cadhla's, and Hallelujah. If [ profile] sweetmusic_27 will join me, I'll probably add Deadly Dance and maybe Gentle Arms of Eden.

Any suggestions?

oh yeah...

Oct. 26th, 2009 11:23 pm
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Home... fuzzy (critters happy to see me)... sleepy... kinda out of words.
55 minutes left at the office. 55 minutes to try to either get stuff done or head off problems that might occur in my absence. 55 minutes 'til I don't have to be back at work 'til Tuesday. W00t!!

I've got a friend coming over after work to pick up a house key, and she'll stay with the furry horde, so they don't have to be boarded, which will make them and my finances much happier. :-) Said friend is also probably moving in, so I'll have a roommate again, which greatly simplifies things like travel and working late.

And my potential passenger from Indy has another ride who fits her schedule better, so now my morning is completely free. I can have a leisurely breakfast, take my time packing, and still be in Clumps in time to get settled into the hotel before I make an airport run at about 6 pm.

It's shaping up to be a much more relaxed weekend than I was anticipating, which makes me very very happy!
If you haven't made your OVFF reservations already, the room block is apparently sold out for two nights already (not the hotel... just the block). I just booked for Thursday night through Sunday night and got two nights at the block rate and two nights at the regular rate.

I guess it's going to be a full con!

(ETA: Web site has been fixed (a glitch had made the menu disappear) and the room block should be getting expanded... yay for the power of teh intarweb! :-))

(Edited again... Block has been expanded. My reservation has been fixed by the very nice Zach who took my call earlier this afternoon. Still a good idea to book soon, though!)